Back Pain Is Back Pain, Right?

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What types of back pain might I feel?

Back Pain Is Back Pain, Right?

When you suffer from back pain, all you know is that it hurts. There are many different types of back pain, and figuring out which kind you have goes a long way toward determining a plan of action for achieving relief. Back pain information can help you determine how your pain is manifesting. It could be one of several ways:

  • Mechanical pain is pain that increases with movement or exertion. This type of discomfort generally involves strained muscles, a disruption of one or more ligaments, or poor structural support of the spine due to deconditioning of the back and core stabilizing muscles. Upper back pain can result from prolonged use of poor posture or postural muscle weakness.
  • Radiating pain manifests as either burning, tingling, or numbness, beginning near the spine and travelling down a limb. This usually results from nerve compression or irritation.
  • Discogenic pain has to do with the jelly-like substance within the intervertebral discs. When that substance is pressed outward, it can either put pressure on surrounding tissue, such as nerves, or completely squirt out. Discogenic pain occurs with a particular movement and can also result in numbness in an extremity.
When back pain strikes, your first priority is to make it go away. Do what you must to obtain relief, then take stock of the nature of your pain to see if you can make sense of what type it might be. Don't hesitate to see your doctor in order to determine the exact structure or structures responsible for your back pain in order to figure out the best course of treatment. To find a clinician in your area, go to and type your zip code into the free search tool.



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