Take Care Early to Prevent Lingering Symptoms

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What happens if shingles is not treated?

Take Care Early to Prevent Lingering Symptoms

Shingles patients are known to suffer from severe cases of pain, but this overwhelming symptom usually only tends to last for a reasonably short length of time. However, if this disease is not treated in a prompt and effective fashion, shingles symptoms may worsen to a much more critical level. In itself, the pain from shingles is devastating enough – adding insult to injury, especially under these circumstances, should be prevented at all costs.

When remaining untreated, a severe case of shingles can spread across the entire body, wreaking havoc upon everything it touches. In one case, the virus in shingles spread to the cornea, actually inducing a scar of permanent vision loss in this section of the eye. More commonly, shingles can evolve into a more serious form of the disease, called postherptic neuralgia. Postherptic neuralgia consists of extensive nerve pain which continues after skin problems heal, caused by inflammation that may occur in the nerves of the skin. If treated properly, the virus will not have enough time to penetrate the nerves, meaning that this evolved form will not occur.

If shingles is treated early, complications can be prevented before the virus reaches its lethal phase.



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