Weather and Pain

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Can weather affect my health condition?

Weather and Pain

Myth has often linked weather changes in certain medical conditions. Some patients claim to be natural weather radars, though the effectiveness of this “medically-based” forecast method has never been tested. However, medical research has established a consistent link between weather changes and chronic pain. As barometric pressure rises and falls, certain factors tend to worsen health conditions by intensifying aches and pains. As humidity decreases, water in the environment becomes less accessible, causing an increased potential for migraine headaches.

Understanding chronic pain is a very extensive process. Pain will always vary in each patient, regardless of what condition is being experienced. Doctors agree that weather is an important factor in this process. If you think you are showing signs of chronic pain related to weather, keep a journal to find a possible relationship between weather patterns and your health. It could be as simple checking off the days you have a headache and recording the temperature and humidity on a calendar, or more in-depth, with descriptions of the weather and what pain you felt that day. Bring this to your next doctor's visit and he or she will help you better understand your chronic pain. Use the free clinician finder to locate a clinician in your area.



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