My Hip Hurts ... My Leg Hurts ... What Could It Be?

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What could be a cause of sudden, acute hip or leg pain?

My Hip Hurts ... My Leg Hurts ... What Could It Be?

The pain in your hip or in your leg seemed to come out of nowhere. You don't recall doing anything unusual that might point to an injury of some sort. Your back feels okay. But the burning and tingling is pretty intense. What could the causes of leg pain and hip pain be?

The sudden and unprovoked onset of acute hip pain or acute leg pain could be an indication of something totally unrelated to any orthopedic or musculoskeletal problem. It could actually be a symptom of shingles, a localized infection caused by a virus. The symptoms of shingles are nerve-related, radiating from a specific peripheral nerve (those that come from your spinal cord and innervate the outermost regions of your body). Once shingles is active in your body, you're likely to experience burning, tingling and/or itching to a particular area, usually on one side, followed by a blistery rash appearing in a rectangular or belt-like pattern. The nerve irritation of shingles, while usually short-lived, can be quite intense. A physician may be able to offer some medication to give you pain relief from shingles. Find one near you by visiting and using the free physician-finder tool.



10/27/2011 12:51:08 AM
Susan said:

This is the exact symptoms I had for about a month (3 weeks after completing Chemotherapy) before a rash started on my upper right thigh. It was then diagnosed as shingles. Now I am in constant leg pain, day and night. Taking valtrex, neutontin, and percoset to try to control the pain.


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