Neuralgia and Shingles

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What is neuralgia?

Neuralgia and Shingles

Neuralgia is defined as severe, sharp jabs of pain, or a constant burning sensation. It is a condition of the nervous system, affecting a specific peripheral nerve (the nerves extending out from your spinal cord that control and innervate all other parts of your body) and the area of the body that nerve serves. Sometimes the cause of this type of nerve pain is unknown, but one known culprit is the herpes zoster virus, or shingles.

While typical neuralgia symptoms usually come and go, shingles pain can be quite debilitating and long lasting. Symptoms of shingles tend to be:

  • Constant, burning and unrelenting
  • Aggravated by any type of pressure or motion
  • Long lasting -- sometimes for weeks, months or even years
The good news is that while the discomfort may be severe and finding relief from shingles pain difficult, the condition itself is not dangerous. Treatment for shingles pain generally consists of medication to ease the symptoms and allow a normal level of function.



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