Just for the Boys: Causes of Groin Pain in Men

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What are some of the causes of groin pain that are specific to men?

Just for the Boys: Causes of Groin Pain in Men

It's often used for comedic effect, and also in dramatic moments--a swift kick to the groin, and a guy is down for the count. Getting punched or kicked in the genitals is just one cause of male genital pain, but there are others that have nothing to do with defensive maneuvers. Causes of groin pain (groin and testicle are terms that are often used interchangeably to describe this region of the body in men) range from mild to serious, but keep in mind that sudden and acute pain in the testicles should never be ignored; it may be the sign of a medical emergency called testicular torsion.

Here are some common causes of groin pain:

  • Inflammation of the epididymis: This is the tubular structure that connects the testicles and the vas deferens (the main duct that carries semen from the epididymis to the ejaculation duct). Inflammation causes swelling of the scrotum, testicle pain, pelvic discomfort, burning with urination, and possibly fever. An infection in the urethra or bladder is usually the cause of this condition.
  • Inguinal hernia: If a small split or defect exists in the wall of a body cavity, tissue can protrude through it, resulting in a hernia. Symptoms of an inguinal hernia include a groin lump and/or localized swelling, which may or may not be painful. The lump may get bigger or hurt more with exertion that causes an increase in intra-abdominal pressure (like heavy lifting or coughing).
  • Kidney stones: When solid masses of tiny crystals that form in the kidney pass through the ureter into the urethra (in the penis), men can experience severe genital pain. Other symptoms include blood in the urine, frequent or excessive urination, and pain that starts in the flank and moves into the groin.
  • Testicular tumor: A benign or malignant condition may be the source of male genital pain.
  • Testicular torsion: This condition involves a reduction or stoppage of blood flow from the testicle and is a medical emergency.
  • Prostatitis: If the prostate is inflamed, symptoms include painful urination, fever, and pain in the pubic area and pelvic floor muscles.



1/19/2012 10:43:45 PM
Alison said:

Groin, knee and joints pain what could be the cause? He's a 22 yr old young man who loves to run sprints. Could it be strain from taking off fast?

2/15/2012 7:24:19 PM
barry said:

where are the actual pain relief TIPS???? All thats listed are symptoms and ilnesses????


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