Consider This an Emergency: Acute Testicle Pain

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Should I be concerned about sudden, severe pain in the groin or testicle area?

Consider This an Emergency: Acute Testicle Pain

Let's get right to the point, guys: If you experience sudden, acute pain in the area of your testicles, see a doctor right away. Acute testicle pain is considered an emergency, and of all the testicle pain causes, the one most likely to create sudden, severe pain is a condition called testicular torsion.

Blood and oxygen are required for any bodily system to function. These substances provide nutrients, remove waste products, and keep everything working according to plan. Blood vessels such as arteries, veins, and capillaries are the pathway by which blood and oxygen travel. If that travel is disrupted (think gridlock on the freeway), everything will shut down.

In the case of testicular torsion, the blood flow to or from the testicles is either severely reduced or stopped altogether. The most common cause of this is a rotation of the testicle, which can occur spontaneously or from some type of force. Symptoms are sudden, severe pain in the scrotum, swelling, discoloration, nausea, and vomiting. Medical care is required to remedy the situation as soon as possible because the testis will die within hours if the blood supply isn't restored. The prognosis in a situation like this is directly related to how long the blood supply is compromised, so time is of the essence. Get the help you need. Use the free clinician finder tool on to find a clinician in your region.



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