Groin Pain: Do Women Get It Too?

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What can cause genital pain in both men and women?

Groin Pain: Do Women Get It Too?

Groin pain refers to discomfort in the area where the abdomen ends and the legs begin. While many people may think the term "groin" strictly has to do with men, genital pain and pain in the groin area can affect both men and women.

Some of the causes of groin pain that can occur in both sexes include:

  • Enlarged lymph glands: Lymph glands are found in many different areas of the body, including the groin. These nodules can swell, becoming suddenly painful and tender, as a result of inflammation, an abscess, cancer, or an infection (which is the most common cause).
  • Muscle pull: Thigh and hip muscles, such as the adductor group and iliopsoas, attach to the lower rim of the pelvic bones (the bones you sit on and that are palpable in between your legs). If one of these muscles is overstretched or strained in some way, there will be pain in the groin, especially with movement of the leg.
  • Nerve entrapment: Nerves in the groin and inguinal area such as the genitofemoral nerve, the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, the ilioinguinal nerve, and the obturator nerve may become entrapped and cause symptoms such as burning and hypersensitivity.
  • Kidney stones: Solid masses of crystals formed in the kidneys pass through the ureter and into the urinary tract on their way out of the body. Men feel kidney stone pain in the penis, while women will feel it in the vaginal area.
  • Genital herpes: A virus spread through genital contact with a partner who has active herpes, this condition can manifest as tingling, itching, burning, and pain in the groin or genital area.
  • Urinary tract infection: Cardinal signs of this condition are a painful or burning sensation with urination.

Like most conditions, all of these are treatable. Early diagnosis means quicker relief. To find a clinician in your area, use the free locator tool on



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