Don't Mess with Your Neck: If It Gets Bad, Get Help

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What are the signs of a more severe neck problem?

Don't Mess with Your Neck: If It Gets Bad, Get Help

Since your neck is part of your spine, and your spine is critical to the integrity and control of all your bodily functions, don't mess around if you have any uncertainty about the nature of your neck pain. While neck pain causes may be quite varied, there are certain symptoms that demand immediate medical attention and assessment. These include:

  • Severe pain following a specific injury: Pain is an indicator that something is wrong, and if you've suffered an injury and the pain is severe, take heed.
  • Shooting pain: If neck pain symptoms radiate to the shoulder, between the shoulder blades, or down the arm, with or without a tingling sensation or numbness, see a doctor. All of these mean there is significant nerve irritation occurring.
  • Loss of strength: Experiencing sudden or gradually increasing weakness in your arm or hand may indicate a neurological problem.
Any of these symptoms may be signs of a more significant problem in the neck or an associated structure. Seeking medical attention for proper testing and diagnostic measures is the best way to initiate a neck pain treatment approach that will bring you lasting relief. Use the free locator tool on to find a clinician in your part of town.



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