For Every Action There Is an Equal and Opposite Reaction

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What causes hemorrhoids?

For Every Action There Is an Equal and Opposite Reaction

There's an old science adage that says that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This applies in physics and physiology, relationships and street fights, and in the body when it comes to hemorrhoids. Think of hemorrhoidal tissue as a series of tiny balloons. When balloons get blown up, there is tension on the external surface created by the internal pressure. As that pressure increases, so does the tension. And if it gets too great, the balloon pops. When pressure is created internally in the area of the rectum and anus, the veins known as hemorrhoids begin to blow up. But they aren't really meant to do that, so they get irritated and painful. What types of pressure are most likely to cause symptoms of hemorrhoids?

  • Constipation- Pushing really hard when performing a bowel movement may inflame hemorrhoids.
  • Excessive or rough wiping after a bowel movement- Being too aggressive or having to wipe a lot, such as when you have diarrhea, may cause enough irritation to set off a bout of hemorrhoid pain.
  • Childbirth- We're talking intense pushing here, and a lot of pressure passing through a very small space. It's very common for post-natal women to suffer from hemorrhoids.

Bottom line (no pun intended)--be gentle down there.



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