We Can Rebuild You: Orthotics and Foot Pain

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What are orthotics?

We Can Rebuild You: Orthotics and Foot Pain

Orthotics are inserts for your shoes that are meant to alter the mechanics of your foot and the impact placed on them in an effort to provide foot pain relief. But are they what you need to help your aching feet?

Available over-the-counter or as a custom made device, foot orthotics can be made from many different materials. Pads, cushions, and heel lifts are inserts that are accommodating, offering pressure relief or a softer surface with which your foot can articulate. Custom orthotics are made after a mold is made for your foot or a 3D laser scan is performed. These inserts are specially fabricated to affect foot function itself, changing the mechanics of your lower extremity in an effort to lessen stress or improve alignment, thereby alleviating pain.

Basically, the goal of orthotics is to:

  • Correct abnormal walking patterns, improving alignment and body mechanics
  • Reduce pain
  • Provide support
  • Protect against worsening deformity in the foot
  • Relieve pressure in a specific area of the foot

A podiatrist, orthopedist, or chiropractor can determine if orthotics would be beneficial to you.



3/18/2009 4:55:23 PM
Leslie said:

There is a great new technology being used in Utah. Varifit Orthotics uses a new technology that will make CUSTOM orthotics in 20 minutes. I got a pair and love them. My back pain decreased immensly!


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