Resources for Pain: Information and Support

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Where can I turn for information on pain?

Resources for Pain: Information and Support

If pain is something you experience on a regular basis, the hope is that you are addressing it and getting the care you need. Support and information are extremely important steps toward understanding your pain and feeling better. Information is power, and having resources to arm yourself with knowledge can help you take a proactive approach to your care and give you peace of mind to help manage the storm when it arises.

Here are just a few pain resources that might be helpful in your quest for knowledge and comfort:

  • - This website offers a consumer library with informative articles about pain-related topics. You can also use it to locate a pain clinic in your area, access message boards, and learn more about various pain associations.
  • - Log on and access links to websites and resources that benefit people living with pain. You may also be interested in the clinical trials they post and the pages geared toward specific groups of interest.
  • The following are web addresses for more pain associations that may offer helpful information and support: (American Pain Foundation); (National Pain Foundation); (The Arthritis Foundation); (National Fibromyalgia Association); (National Headache Foundation).



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