NSAID's: The Most Misunderstood Drugs Around

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What are some pain medication myths?

NSAID's: The Most Misunderstood Drugs Around

Non-steriodal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAID's, are the most prescribed medications in the world. Unfortunately, they are also misunderstood, which can create a lot of anxiety and lead to improper use by the people who need them the most. Consider these pain medication myths:

  • "Some NSAID's work better than others." This is not true, as they all contain the same basic ingredients. All are equally effective at treating pain and inflammation.
  • "NSAID's work better than Tylenol." Tylenol, which used to be a prescription medication, works just as well as other NSAID's on the market. The advantage Tylenol seems to have is that the side effects are fewer and less profound than those of some other drugs available
  • "All NSAID's have minimal side effects." Also untrue, as this type of medication is known to potentially damage the stomach and may cause dangerous ulcers. Other less common, but still potential side effects include kidney failure, abdominal pain, diarrhea, swelling, dry mouth, rash, dizziness, headaches, and fatigue
  • "Celebrex is completely safe." This particular medication may cause problems with the heart or blood pressure. If you're unsure of your risk for these conditions, it is best to only take Celebrex for a limited period of time.

Nothing is foolproof, so working with your doctor and doing your homework is the best way to ensure that the medication you take will be safe and effective for you.



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