Myth vs. Fact: What Is the Real Truth About Back Pain?

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What is the truth about low back pain?

Myth vs. Fact: What Is the Real Truth About Back Pain?

Who hasn't woken up at some time or another with an aching back, or wondered whether or not that marathon gardening session would come back to haunt them the next day? And don't we all know someone in our family or social circle whose "sciatica has been killing them"? While you may be able to predict when you've done something that is going to result in a stiff, sore back, or potentially flare up an old problem, there are quite a few misconceptions when it comes to identifying and managing back pain. Knowing the truth about back pain will definitely keep you from going nuts!

Consider these facts about pain related to the back:

  • Only 1-3% of back pain is caused by disc problems, despite the misconception that most back pain comes from a "slipped disc."
  • In the case of acute low back pain, a few days of rest may help. But after that, getting your body moving is what is recommended: do activities that will speed healing, pump out the waste products created by inflammation, strengthen your muscles, and prevent re-injury.
  • 6.5 million Americans get treatment for low back pain each day. Getting help to treat your problem early is the best way to lessen the chances of a recurrence.
  • By using good body mechanics and sticking with a sound exercise program incorporating endurance training, core conditioning, and flexibility exercises, you should be able to do just about any activity, even if you have a "bad back."



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