When to Worry: Severe Back Pain and Its Causes

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What are the causes of severe back pain?

When to Worry: Severe Back Pain and Its Causes

While the majority of incidents of back pain are the result of a minor or moderate injury, there are those rare few that actually come from a severe illness or injury. In most cases, the intensity of your back pain symptoms will immediately dictate what you do about it—the more severe or long-lasting, the more likely you are to seek out medical help or search for information on back pain. And getting that medical attention will allow for rapid diagnosis and treatment of whatever the ailment may be.

One of the more serious back pain causes is bone cancer or a bone tumor. These types of conditions are considered rare. Symptoms of back pain related to a tumor or cancerous growth are a bony pain that is deep and aching. Getting relief from back pain of this nature is difficult, as it actually gets worse with rest. That cardinal sign should be enough to get you to a doctor, where early detection will allow aggressive treatment.

Another cause of back pain that would fall into the serious category is osteomyelitis, or a bone infection. The symptoms of this type of back pain come on suddenly and are quite severe. And since an infection is involved, a fever frequently accompanies the back symptoms.

If your back pain is severe or lasts long enough to significantly disrupt your life, or if you have a fever in addition to your back symptoms, be sure to see your doctor—to find one in your area, use the free search tool on MyBlankHurts.com. Diagnostic testing will determine the cause of the pain, setting your mind at ease or the wheels in motion for appropriate treatment.



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