Tingling Hands and Arms: a Sign of a Problem Worth Checking Out

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What does it mean if I have numbness or tingling in my hands or arms?

Tingling Hands and Arms: a Sign of a Problem Worth Checking Out

Numbness and tingling of the hands or arm can be quite annoying (have you ever fallen asleep on your hands and woken up with no feeling?). Imagine having that sensation with you all the time. Several conditions can cause pain and tingling in hands and arms. Here is a breakdown of the more common ones:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome- This condition involves a compression of the nerves and tendons that cross the wrist and go into the hand. The thumb, index, and long fingers are usually the most affected. Arm pain symptoms related to carpal tunnel syndrome include numbness and tingling (especially at night), pain radiating up the arm, and hand weakness.
  • Ulnar nerve dysfunction- The ulnar nerve passes behind the bone on the inner portion of the elbow and is subject to over-stretching from athletic movements such as throwing or playing tennis, or can become symptomatic after a trauma. Symptoms include tingling or numbness from the elbow to the fourth or fifth fingers, as well as hand weakness.
  • Peripheral neuropathy- This condition affects the arms and hands by causing numbness, tingling, or a crawling sensation in both hands. It can also affect the feet.

Getting relief for these conditions may require medical attention and physical therapy treatment, so check with your doctor if you are experiencing these symptoms.



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