Angina Chest Pain May Occur with Running

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What may cause shin pain after running?

Angina Chest Pain May Occur with Running

Runners practice one of the less-harmful sports, but they are still at high risk for athletic injury. Running has been established as one of many common causes of chest pain, leg injury, hip bursitis, and ankle pulls. Among the most common injuries, runners are sometimes susceptible to cardiovascular problems, considering that they exert their hearts in high gear on a regular basis. Running strengthens the heart, but in doing so, athletes become vulnerable to injury.

Angina, which is chest pain or discomfort that occurs when the heart is not receiving adequate amounts of oxygen-rich blood, is a problem that usually indicates another underlying condition or disease. Angina consists of considerable amounts of chest pain, and may radiate into the shoulders, neck,arms, back, or even jaw. Symptoms of angina can be compared to those of common indigestion.

There are three types of angina:

  1. Stable Angina: Something is causing the heart to work harder than usual, which as a result, causes constricted blood flow and chest pain. A possible cause of this type of angina could be running or overexertion.
  2. Unstable Angina: Pain that occurs sporadically without cause; it often indicates that a more dangerous heart condition may be present.
  3. Variant Angina: This is a rare form that occurs mostly during sleep, and usually consists of severe amounts of chest pain.
If you are an athlete and are experiencing chest pain, it is important that you consult with a physician for medical attention. Athletes must take this pain seriously as heart conditions are nothing to take lightly.



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