Testicular Torsion Causes Pain and Testicle Loss

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What is testicular torsion?

Testicular Torsion Causes Pain and Testicle Loss

A testicular torsion is a dangerous condition that involves the twisting of the spermatic cord and eventual loss of blood flow to the testicle. Without blood flow, testicular tissue can no longer survive. As a result, this agonizing condition is one of the most common testicle pain causes, and also a common cause of adolescent testicle loss. Testicular torsion can affect males at any age, and in most cases, results from an anatomic abnormality that spontaneously allows the spermatic cord to twist. When this happens, testicular torsion will create excruciating one-sided testicle pain.

Surgery is necessary to correct testicular torsion. If the condition is not handled promptly, symptoms will increase and eventually cause testicle loss. Pain can occur in the testicles and may also include swelling of the tissue. Other symptoms of testicular torsion include:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Elevation of testicles
  • Fever
If you think you may have testicular torsion, seek medical attention immediately. While this condition may sometimes be embarrassing, it's important that you receive professional help.



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