What Is a Hydrocoele?

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What is a Hydrocoele?

What Is a Hydrocoele?

A hydrocoele is a gathering of fluid that surrounds the testicle by occupying the space called the tunical vaginalis. This condition, which only occurs in males, causes genital pain and swelling. When hydrocoele begins, it is normally painless. As the condition progresses, the pain may increase and other symptoms may arise.

Most cases of hydrocoele are congenital, meaning that they occur in young boys from birth. In these cases, the problem usually resolves itself within a year of birth. If the condition persists, surgical resolution maybe necessary to correct the problem. Secondary hydrocoeles will affect men of any age, and will occur on one or both sides of the scrotum, causing pain and other harmful symptoms. Symptoms of hydrocoele include:

  • Pain, with possible infection
  • Enlarged scrotum
  • Heavy or dragging sensations
If you are a male who is experiencing hydrocoele, it is important that you contact a physician immediately. Generally speaking, hydrocoele can be solved easily with professional assistance.



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