Complications of Shingles

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What are the complications of shingles?

Complications of Shingles

When people think of shingles, the most common symptom in mind is that of chicken pox – the ugly, nasty skin rash that is characteristic of both these dieseases. In truth, the rash involved in shingles is nothing compared to its other symptoms. Shingles poses a severe threat on the human immune system, which gives it the potential to harm practically anything in the body. In most cases, the shingles virus shoots down nerves in the body, causing numbness, itching, severe pain, and unlimited rashes.

The pain associated with symptoms of shingles is agonizing, and patients often report that this is the worst pain they have ever experienced. In one case, patients have even suggested that the pain from shingles may sometimes be worse than that of a heart of attack. In many cases, shingles patients will require narcotics to assuage the pain. Even more, the pain is tingling and nerve-wrecking, which prolongs the overwhelming discomfort.

Shingles is a terrible diseases, but the one comforting fact is that there are treatments for the symptoms. If you are experiencing symptoms of shingles, consult a clinician for the immediate and necessary medical attention.



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