Wrist Injuries: A Common Cause of Muscle Pain

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What may cause acute or severe joint pain?

Wrist Injuries: A Common Cause of Muscle Pain

Wrists injuries are usually quite minor, but can sometimes cause significant amounts of muscle pain. As a joint connecting the forearm and hands, the wrist is often susceptible to common injuries of carpel tunnel, wrist fractures, and sprains. Since the wrist is used so often, patients may often disregard the resulting pain as simply trivial. However, wrist injuries should be taken into considerable care if and when they cause noticeable amounts of pain or discomfort.

Most often, wrist injuries occur as a result of strain from repetitive exertion, usually in connection with activities such as typing, weight lifting, or other toiling wrist & arm functions. Since arm muscles operate in union, wrist injuries tend to extend throughout the arm and joint pain causes additional problems. Symptoms of wrist injury include:

  • Joint pain accompanied by swelling
  • Discoloration
  • Soreness
  • Deformity
Wrist injuries are usually minor, but since they can cause long-term pain, it is important to take care of this condition in its early stages. If you have displayed any of these symptoms, contact a doctor for immediate care.



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