Pain From External Hemorrhoids

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What may cause symptoms of pain and itching in the buttocks?

Pain From External Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, are bulging external veins in the rectum or anus than cause painful discomfort in the buttocks. Whether internal or external, hemorrhoids are definitely not a popular topic of discussion. Nevertheless, according to the National Institute of Health, more than half of individuals over 50 in the US have hemorrhoids. Generally speaking, hemorrhoids are not critically harmful to the body, but can cause pain for long periods of time. External hemorrhoid symptoms are caused by increased pressure in the external veins, which may be brought on by the onset of risk factors such as obesity, aging, and pregnancy.

Unlike internal hemorrhoids, which usually occur without pain, external hemorrhoids can be extremely painful. Symptoms of external hemorrhoids are worsened from draining, rubbing, or cleaning the anus.

If you are experiencing pain or other symptoms of this sort, consult a physician for a diagnosis.



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