Back Strain Means Back Pain

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What may be a cause of unexplained back pain?

Back Strain Means Back Pain

In recent times, it seems back pain is simply a natural consequence of age. These pains often go unexplained, but at times an underlying cause is evident. Back pain, whether acute or chronic, is often a blanket effect of strain on the back. The human spine holds the body together with a series of linking bones and discs. As aging occurs, the spinal column may endure strains and tears in muscle tissue. This destabilizing process gradually weakens the spine, and the final result is back pain.

Back pain causes may vary, but usually occur as a result of physical exertion or bodily injury. Back strain can also be caused by overwhelming amounts of stress & anxiety. Symptoms of low back strain include:

  • Back pain and stiffness
  • Pain in buttocks and legs
  • Pain which intensifies upon exertion

To evaluate back pain caused by strain, doctors will need to perform MRIs, x-rays, and other tests. It is necessary that you consult with a doctor to receive proper treatment.



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